First 1000 Subscribe in 30 days | Part 2

First 1000 Subscribe in 30 days | Part 2


Solo Ads

Before I go into depth regarding solo advertisements, I’d want to point you that there are a lot of bad solo ad suppliers out there, people who are only interested in making a little money. They are unconcerned with the quality of their traffic or their lists. However, there are a number of wonderful suppliers out there, folks that genuinely care about delivering high-quality traffic. Solo advertising has acquired a terrible rap over the years, but they may still work wonderfully; you just have to be a little pickier about who you buy them from now. Having said that, solo advertisements remain my preferred choice for generating rapid traffic and getting subscribers.

A solo ad is when someone with an established list sells a set amount of clicks (typically 50, 100, 200, 300, etc.) from their list. For example, I can pay $40 for 100 hits from solitary ad supplier “Bob.” I’ll tell Bob which link I’d like him to promote, which is generally my squeeze page. Bob will then send an email to his list informing them about my website. When one of his subscribers clicks on to my site, it counts as one of the 100 clicks that I paid. So, how can you use solo advertising to grow your list to 1,000 subscribers? A little simple calculation will tell you how many single ad clicks you’ll need to buy.   Using the 40% conversion rate I indicated before, if I bought 100 clicks from Bob, I’d wind up with 40 new subscribers on my list. So, if I maintained buying 100 click solo ads, I’d need to buy 25 solo ads to achieve 1,000 subscribers on my list. It is critical to note that you are not need to acquire simply 100 click solo advertisements. If you’ve identified a reputable single ad supplier, you may inquire about their ability to provide more than 100 hits. If that’s the case, you may buy more, reducing the total number of solo advertisements you’ll need.

But, for beginnings, I would only buy 50 or 100 clicks from solitary ad suppliers from whom I had never purchased before. Then, if I discover that they send high-quality traffic (and my conversion rates remain high with their traffic), I may decide to buy a larger quantity of hits from them. However, it is vital to note that the more you market your squeeze page, no matter how unique it was at first, it will quickly lose part of its “newness,” and you will need to constantly experiment and changing it up to maintain your conversion rates higher. The more you publicize it, the more people will see it, which means that more people will ignore it.

When purchasing a solo ad, consider providing the supplier a prewritten email that they may send to their list. Most solo ad providers will compose their own email to send to their list, but it’s generally a good idea to provide them anything anyhow so that they can immediately grasp what your website is about and simply compose their own email. After you’ve learned everything there is to know about solo advertisements, you can go out and discover solo ad suppliers. I seek suppliers in three primary locations in the internet marketing industry. The first is the Warrior Forum, which is located in the Classified Ads section.

What’s fantastic about this is that you can read actual reviews from prior purchasers, making it much simpler to recognize a reputable vendor

Skype and Facebook groups are the other two options. These two are a little more difficult to uncover since they frequently require you to have been accepted to the groups. However, after purchasing a few solo advertisements from the Warrior Forum, you will begin to see and hear about these other areas, and you may ask vendors or other buyers where they look and if they can invite you into any groups. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind while looking for solitary ad sellers.

The first step would be to discover how they compiled their list. Anyone may go out today and download hundreds of email addresses, but if those email addresses were not lawfully added to the person behind the email address’s autoresponder account, that would be unlawful. Make certain that every one from whom you buy has created their list one email address at a time by having individuals opt-in to their list. Second, ensure that the majority of their subscribers are from Tier 1 nations, which include the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. These are your most valued subscribers, and they are more likely to buy from you in the future.

Third, ensure that you can read feedback from previous buyers. If the solo ad vendor is new, it does not necessarily indicate that their traffic will be poor, but it does suggest that you should proceed with caution. If they cannot give you with a large number of reviews, you may frequently negotiate a cheaper fee. Fourth, inquire if they would also send your link to any of their buyers on their list. If you can send it to purchasers, those subscribers are far more valuable than non-buying subscribers. It may cost you extra to send to them, but consider doing so because those subscribers have demonstrated their ability to purchase things.

If the solitary ad supplier does not readily disclose the aforementioned information, you should request it. Send them a courteous message to confirm the information. Don’t buy from them if anything appears suspect. The final point to remember is that the cost of a single ad will vary. 100 click solo advertisements may be found for $30, but they can also be found for $70. If a single ad vendor offers great traffic and has repeat clients, they will most likely boost their price, so don’t dismiss a vendor only because they appear to be pricey. Despite the larger initial investment, you may finish up with a lot more one-time offer sales.

I indicated that I prefer buying solo ads since they can generate fast traffic, and I’m not lying! You see, you don’t have to buy one solitary ad and then sit about waiting for it to be delivered till you buy another. You may buy as many as you want, as quickly as you want. The only time the constraint may be when you are trying single ad suppliers at first; however, you can easily expand your list to 1,000 members in a week if you want to.

Solo Ad Swaps

This part is all about acquiring a solo ad for free since after you get 500 subscribers, you will be able to start giving clicks to other people in return for them sending clicks to you. Following the same principles as when purchasing a solo ad, you should look for solo ad exchange partners who are prepared to send clicks to your squeeze page while you send clicks to their squeeze page.

As previously stated, you will need a list of at least 500 subscribers to be able to send clicks, but once you can send at least 50 clicks, you may begin trading clicks. You will not be able to receive many clicks at initially since you will be unable to send many clicks, but as your list grows, you will be able to send more and more clicks, resulting in receiving more and more clicks. This is an excellent approach to expand your list while purchasing solo advertisements. You can exchange and purchase solo advertisements at the same time, but not with the same solo ad supplier.

You may locate solo ad swap partners in the same manner that you would discover a traditional solo ad, but mostly through Facebook and Skype groups. After you’ve successfully delivered a few exchanges, ask your swap partner who they’d recommend you trade with next. This is the easiest and most effective technique to find new exchange partners. However, if you begin sending single ad swaps to your email list, you must take care to ensure that what you are advertising is not only relevant to your list, but also has solid content. Before sending a solo ad exchange email, sign up on your partner’s squeeze page to test it out.

There will be occasions when you realize that their pages are damaged or that they are pushing a product that you dislike. These things are only noticeable if you join their mailing list. Whatever you send to your list, whether it’s a single ad swap email, a pure content newsletter, or your own promotional newsletter, make sure it has solid content and that the link in the email sends your subscribers to trustworthy websites that will genuinely assist them. Maintaining a positive relationship with your list is essential for long-term success. Solo advertising and solo ad swaps may bring in a lot of subscribers, so think about implementing them right away. But now let’s look at some alternative approaches.

Free WSO

Pay attention to this area if your specialty is inside the internet marketing field. Warrior Special Offer (WSO) is a promotional section within the Warrior Forum. The items featured here are aimed towards online marketers, and with the Warrior Forum being one of the top internet marketing communities, this is an excellent area to sell your items. You may publish a WSO for $40 in listing fees.

Similar to a solo ad (which costs an average of $40 per 100 hits), posting a WSO may provide similar results, but it may potentially provide far better results. However, because the WSO is on a forum where postings migrate down the page and onto the next page according on the amount of new posts, you cannot be promised any quantity of hits or sales/sign-ups. Sometimes you’ll get a few results, and other times you’ll get a lot. 99 percent of WSOs are paid items, often priced about $10. So, instead of charging for it, I recommend that you post a FREE WSO.

Since most are paid, having something there for free might attract a lot of attention because it is unique. One thing to remember in marketing is to attempt to be unique and stick out from the crowd. Being unique is posting a WSO that will not cost anyone money to obtain. The goods you publish must be entirely your own, with no reworked or sale rights. All WSOs must be your own work. As a result, I understand that it may take some additional time to put something together, but trust me when I say that having something completely unique never hurts. Even after the WSO is published, you are free to re-use the product whenever and wherever you see fit.

Consider utilizing your own free gift on your squeeze page if it is your own design. Otherwise, devote a few hours to developing something on your own. It might be a basic PDF report, videos, images, or anything else related to a current event. The more people discuss about a topic, the hotter it is, and the greater the outcomes you will observe. Examine the forum to see what other individuals are saying and what questions are being posed. Then conduct some research to uncover the answers and design a small product based on it.

Then, in the WSO forum, you must compose a sales letter about the product. This will make viewers desire to buy your stuff. If you write the sales letter in the same way you would for a premium product, the reader is more likely to read it and assume it is a paid product. Imagine their surprise when they realize at the bottom of the sales letter that it is free! The following step will be to redirect the download button to your squeeze page, where they may opt-in. You may need to build a new squeeze page for this, since your existing one may not be suitable for the free WSO.

But, once again, this is why I prefer utilizing OptimizePress with WordPress, since it makes creating a new squeeze page a breeze. Once they opt in to the list, direct them to the product’s download page and, as previously said, send them some follow-up emails. What about your one-time promotion? You may, however, utilize one for this as well. You may either replace the redirect download page with an offer or notify them about the OTO in your first follow-up email. You may even utilize other WSOs for which you become an affiliate as the OTO. In any case, you should still utilize an OTO to assist offset the expense of publishing the WSO.

But here’s something a little different I’d like to bring up. This free WSO approach, like the others, will help you construct a list. But what if you paid a little fee for your WSO product rather than giving it out for free? I’m not talking about charging the same amount as a standard product, but rather something tiny, like $1 – $5. Why would you want to do something like this? Building an email list of purchasers is far more useful than building a list of subscribers who have not yet demonstrated the ability to purchase something.

By giving your product at a reasonable price, you will be able to establish a list of subscribers who are willing to spend money online while not turning away many individuals due to a higher price point. It is entirely up to you how you choose to advertise your WSO. However, for the sake of this study, I would continue to selling your WSO for free, then utilize the low cost option in the future to start creating a list of purchasers.

Other List Building Methods:

The strategies listed above will get you the most subscribers in the shortest period of time, but there are more techniques to develop a list that I wanted to include. List development tactics that use blogging, social media (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube videos) are excellent ways to augment your total list development efforts, but they are not the quickest. You may establish a large list by attracting traffic with a blog and placing your opt-in form on the side of your blog. The issue with blogging to develop a list is that it takes time to build up traffic to your blog It will most likely take many months before you start getting a considerable quantity of traffic, therefore building a great size email list will take even longer. Facebook and videos have a lot in common. You can use them to grow email lists, but you won’t see instant results. You must first create a following on Facebook and YouTube before redirecting people to your squeeze page and adding them to your list What I would propose is that you utilize these other tactics to assist develop your list in the long run, rather than doing it for rapid results, since you will be disappointed. Recognize that your entire marketing efforts should include these other approaches (as well as others) for the greatest impact in the coming months and years, but if you want to quickly expand your list to 1,000 subscribers, focus on the first stated approaches.

Take Action !

So there you have it: tried and true strategies for growing your list to 1,000 subscribers. The setup may take some time, so don’t get too caught up in it that you forget to start developing your list. Set up your pages and opt-in form, then begin list building. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect right first; you can always alter your pages afterwards. Once you’ve started, employ as many of the strategies as you can at the same time to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. Take action; don’t put off starting to construct your list any longer!


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