First 1000 Subscribe in 30 days | Part 1

First 1000 Subscribe in 30 days | Part 1

Before you can begin creating an email list, you must first develop a few web pages to direct traffic to, which will then allow users to sign up for your list. There are a few pages that you will need: a squeeze page, a one-time offer page, and a down-sell page for that one-time offer. Let me briefly describe each of those pages and why you require them. The squeeze page is the email capture page, and it is where you will place your autoresponder opt-in form code so that visitors may join your list. This is the most critical page you will require. All of the remaining pages are optional but highly recommended.

The one-time offer page is the page that users see and are sent to after filling out your opt-in form. This page has a low-cost offer, often in the $10-$20 range, that allows you to recuperate expenditures incurred while acquiring traffic. The down-sell offer page is identical to the one-time offer page, except it is a low-cost offer that visitors will view if they do not purchase the one-time offer. You may keep adding offer pages to your funnel if you want to become incredibly sophisticated while making a lot more money. You might, for example, have an upsell page for a mid-high priced product, as well as backend offers. But, as a starting point, I would propose having those three pages: the squeeze page, the one-time offer, and the down-sell page

Squeeze Page:

Let’s get started with the crucial squeeze page. I’m sure you’ve seen internet marketing squeeze sites before; they all look the same, which isn’t a good thing. Internet marketers frequently imitate one another. They see a page that they believe is doing well, replicate it, and then someone else does the same thing. Before you realize it, the page is no longer converting well since there are too many individuals pushing the same page, and everyone is seeing the same pages again and over. Make your squeeze page as one-of-a-kind as possible. The more distinct it is from other sites and the more noticeable it is, the better it will convert for you.

When developing a squeeze page, I’ve discovered that really basic sites work best, with a huge title, a brief sub-title, and the opt-in form, and nothing else on the page. Keeping things short and sweet helps to increase conversion rates. You should also simply have an email address form for visitors to fill out. Most opt-in forms include a name and email box by default, but needing a name just decreases conversion rates. That’s not to suggest you can’t utilize the name field; just be mindful that your conversions will suffer as a result.

So, what is a decent squeeze page conversion rate? The higher you can get it, the better. But, in general, I strive for at least 40% conversions. That means that if I have 100 visits to my squeeze page, 40 of them will sign up for my mailing list. I’ve had higher than that, over 50%, but I start with a target of 40%. Then I keep testing and adjusting the page until I achieve the maximum possible conversion rate.

You may use a variety of apps to help you make a squeeze page (or any of the other pages). If you are confident in your ability to create a web page from scratch, by all means go ahead and do it. However, if you are unfamiliar with how to do so, I would recommend a mix of WordPress and OptimizePress. WordPress, in general, makes it easier to construct web pages rapidly, but it limits how much you can readily alter a website. OptimizePress is a WordPress plug-in that makes it simple to create squeeze pages and offer pages. It enables you to swiftly construct and then change pages at any moment, as well as effortlessly insert your autoresponder form code into a page.


Free Gift:

You will need some form of free gift or free offer to persuade visitors to sign up for your list in combination with your squeeze page. This might be a basic PDF report, a few videos, or anything else related to a popular issue in your field. Once you've decided on your free offer, you can compose your squeeze page headline to tell your visitors what they'll get if they complete out the opt-in form.

Once they've joined your list, you can send them the free gift via your autoresponder followup email series, which I'll go into in the following chapter. One thing to keep in mind with this free present is that it should be of high quality. Use a report that was produced five years ago with material that is no longer relevant. Also, do not utilize a present that has already been distributed to hundreds of other people. You'll want it to be as distinctive as possible so that your subscribers will appreciate it and find the material useful. This is critical if you want to gain the confidence of your subscribers.

One-Time Offer Page:

Now that you’ve created a squeeze page with a free offer, it’s time to think about your onetime offer (OTO). Remember, this is a paid product, with prices often ranging from $10 to $20, although this can vary based on your niche and the product. The product should be relevant to your free offer, which means it should be on the same or a comparable topic that your subscribers will be interested in. If your subscribers sign up to get your free gift on a certain topic, it only makes sense to give them further information in the form of a paid product on the same topic since you already know they are interested

Again, this product should be of great quality, and purchasers should be grateful for acquiring it. You may utilize private label rights (PLR) content to help construct this product, but make sure that your OTO contains meaningful information that purchasers can utilize, or you risk disappointing your consumers and having to refund many of them. To provide this OTO, you’ll need to develop a sales page as well as a download page, both of which can be done with OptimizePress and WordPress. Set the opt-in form redirect option in your autoresponder account, which we will discuss later in this report, to automatically route subscribers to this OTO as soon as they submit the signup form. If a visitor arrives to your squeeze page and signs up for your list, they will be routed directly to your one-time offer.

Down-Sell Offer:

The down-sell offer might be on a little different topic than your OTO, or it might be a lesser version of your OTO; in any case, it should be less expensive than your OTO. This offer is designed to attract additional consumers who did not bought your OTO but still want to buy anything from you. You will lose a lot of sales if you do not include this down-sell page. This offer will also need the creation of a sales website and a download page. When visitors examine your one-time offer but decide not to take it, you should catch their attention with an exit pop script that appears when they try to dismiss the page to inform them about your down-sell offer. If customers continue to see the offer, they will be sent to your down-sell sales page. You now have all of the web pages need to begin developing your list and earning money from new members. The next step is to configure your auto responder so that you can effectively acquire and retain those subscribers.

Step #2: Autoresponder Set-Up

To effectively grow an email list, you’ll need an autoresponder account, and I recommend using one of two autoresponder services: Aweber or GetResponse. Both of them are professional autoresponder services that I have used and recommend.

Once you’ve made your first list within your account, there are a few things you’ll need to set up in order to get the most out of your new list. The first step is to ensure that your list’s optin settings are set to “single opt-in” rather than “dual opt-in.” Single opt-in allows visitors to submit their email address and immediately become subscribers to your list, but double optin requires your visitors to check their email inbox to confirm signing up to your list, significantly reducing the amount of subscribers you will receive.

The second thing you should do with your new list is to write at least five follow-up emails that will be sent automatically to new subscribers as soon as they sign up. The first email should be a welcome email in which you thank the individual for subscribing and include a link to your free offer. You could also want to advertise your limited-time deal in this email to remind them about it. The second through fifth emails should contain a mix of great material and marketing for your OTO as well as maybe other items of yours or affiliate items.

The follow-up emails should be scheduled to be sent practically every day, with a day off every 2-3 days. The goal of these follow-up emails is to remain in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis and to continue establishing trust with them by providing outstanding free material with a few promotions sprinkled in between. The more your subscribers like and trust you, the more likely they are to buy from you in the future. Once you’ve established your list settings and follow-up emails, you can construct an opt-in form and publish it on your squeeze page. Set it up such that it simply has an email box and redirects subscribers to your one-time offer page.

Now that you’ve created your web pages, free offer, and autoresponder, it’s time to start sending visitors to grow your list to 1,000 members!

Step #3: Traffic Generation

Because traffic is the most crucial aspect of this system, make sure to devote the majority of your efforts on it. You can have the greatest-looking squeeze page with the nicest follow-up emails in the world, but if no one hits your squeeze page, it’s all for naught. A word of caution: don’t get too caught up in perfecting your pages and emails; they can all be updated and modified afterwards. It’s more vital to have something up and running first, then focus on traffic and conversion rates afterward. That’s not to suggest you shouldn’t put up unsightly pages, but don’t spend all of your time perfecting them just yet. With that stated, here are four terrific strategies to start driving traffic to your squeeze pages, in in order of how simple and quick they are to implement.


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