Get response vs Active Campaign | Email marketing tool
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Get response vs Active Campaign | Email marketing tool

First and foremost, read these three questions and answers. you may barely understand what is email marketing, what is email marketing tools, and what is the use of getting Getresponse and Active campaign. you can select the best email marketing service after reading this content.
active campaign and Getresponse are the main and best email marketing tools on the internet today, which is why I selected these two services for you.

Why do we need email marketing?

an effective email marketing plan allows you to engage and interact with your target audience in a tailored manner, increasing sales at a low cost. Email marketing tools, like other platforms and media, have developed to make it easier for your business to contact clients than ever before.

why do I require an email marketing service?

An excellent email marketing provider should allow you to generate highly engaging email newsletters with an intuitive user experience (ideally drag-and-drop editor). You should be able to effortlessly send tailored and targeted mass emails without any effort. This is also referred to as marketing automation.

What is the use of email marketing tools?

Email marketing tools are applications that allow marketers to build, deliver, test, optimize, and report on email campaigns. An email service provider, or ESP, such as Campaign Monitor, is a popular email marketing tool.

The Primary Difference Between ActiveCampaign and GetResponse

  • GetResponse allows users to create landing pages, but ActiveCampaign does not.
  • GetResponse has a webinar functionality, whereas ActiveCampaign requires a third-party integration for this.
  • GetResponse only lets you contact your subscribers via email, whereas ActiveCampaign lets you contact them via SMS and site messaging.
  • GetResponse allows you to sell things and accept money using their landing pages, whereas ActiveCampaign does not.

GetResponse Key Features  & Marketing Tools

  • Email marketing
  • Autofunnel (sales funnel)
  • Landing pages 
  • Ecommerce (transactional emails)
  • Traffic generation 
  • Marketing automation
  • Webinars 
  • CRM 
  • Forms and surveys 
  • List building and management 
  • Analytics and optimization
  • Account and campaign management
  • API and native integrations 

ActiveCampaign Feature & Marketing Tools

  • Email marketing service
  • Subscription forms (form builder)
  • Dynamic content 
  • Email segmentation 
  • Split testing 
  • Marketing platform automation 
  • Site tracking
  • Event tracking 
  • Automation goals 
  • Automation map 
  • Attribution 
  • Split action
  • Sales & CRM
  • Gmail extension for Chrome 
  • Contact and Lead Scoring 
  • Mobile apps 
  • SMS
  • Site messages 
  • Facebook custom audience 
  • Conversations 
  • Machine learning 
  • Win probability
  • Predictive sending 

Get Response offers powerful email marketing software that allows you to create and deliver professional emails to your target audience. To create your emails, you may either start from scratch or alter one of the template library’s pre-built email templates. Within the page builder, you can drag and drop all of the pieces you need to anywhere you want, and smart image editing allows you to quickly and easily resize, scale, and crop any photos you’re using until they fit precisely.

You can send any form of an email to your target audience, such as:

  • Newsletters
  • Email autoresponders
  • Email sequences that are automated (autoresponder service)
  • Sends targeted to local segments
  • Blog digests that are automatically generated

Using GetResponse’s Appropriate timing and time travel email delivery technologies, any emails you send to your audience will appear in their inbox at the perfect time, and they have a proven delivery rate of over 99 percent.

By integrating custom and dynamic content in your emails, you may develop tailored campaigns. You can incorporate alternative CTAs, graphics, offers, and phrasing based on previous actions made by your consumers, such as making a previous purchase.

GetResponse includes powerful email analytics that allows you to track the performance of your campaigns and always try to enhance and improve them through the use of A/B testing features.

Email openings, clicks, bounce rate, mobile views, and other metrics can be tracked to provide insight into how your customers and subscribers interact with your emails.

GetResponse interacts with the majority of popular apps, so if you require an additional function, such as PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, Social Media, or another, you can quickly link it to your GetResponse account.

Capability for Marketing Automation

GetResponse's marketing automation software offers a drag-and-drop automation builder that allows you to design both simple and complicated automation.

This allows you to visually examine the automation you're creating, allowing you to understand exactly what the subscriber will receive and make changes quickly and easily if necessary.

The automation builder employs ready-made blocks that you drag and drops into place, with options for conditions, actions, and filters, so the types of funnels you may construct for your organization are virtually limitless. Marketing automation technologies can also categorize and score prospects based on their behaviors, providing your sales team with a good indication of how likely these leads are to convert. These insights make it simple to identify any places where you may increase your conversions.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

GetResponse's CRM allows you to organize all of your contacts and sales funnel in one location. You can keep track of all of your leads and know where they are in your pipeline, ensuring that no one falls through the gaps.

When leads are ready, you can drag and drop them into the next step of the pipeline, giving you a visual representation of where each client is in the process.

You may effortlessly add notes to all of your contacts to help you recall what you've already discussed. This also makes it easier if you operate in a team since it allows any other team member to assist a customer because they can see precisely where they are in the sales process and access any crucial information

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are web pages that are designed to convert visitors into customers. Using GetResponse’s landing page builder, you can simply construct stunning, high-converting landing pages. You can personalize hundreds of responsive landing page designs with your own text, graphics, and branding.

If you don’t have your own photographs, you may select from 5,000 Shutterstock photos and alter them with the built-in image editor until your website looks exactly as you want it to.

You may pick from a range of page kinds, such as sales pages, email opt-in pages, free downloads, and more. You may also incorporate extra elements like a countdown timer to improve urgency and conversion rates. You can see your landing page metrics and adjust them using A/B testing to find what works best for your business.

Webinars are a type of online seminar.

Because GetResponse provides a comprehensive webinar solution, there is no need to try to interface with a third-party plugin to give webinars to your audience.

There are several options available to keep your audience involved during the webinar, such as live polls, chat, screen sharing, whiteboards, and more. You may also opt to live broadcast your webinar on Facebook or YouTube at the same time for further exposure.

You may also give premium webinars as well as free webinars to your audience for any exclusive material that you wish to share.

You can record your webinars, and they will be kept in excellent quality for later download or replay.

When your webinar is over, you may review the statistics and analytics to see how many people participated and engaged, helping you to enhance future webinars.

The Downsides to Using GetResponse

The only downsides we can see to GetResponse are that SMS messaging and chat aren’t included, and the updated interface is slightly cluttered, but nothing that would stop you from using the software.

  • GetResponse has powerful marketing automation capabilities, including a drag-and-drop funnel builder that allows you to effortlessly create automated funnels.
  • landing pages are offered at no additional charge, allowing you to effortlessly collect data from your website visitors.
  • Webinars are included, with many sophisticated capabilities accessible, eliminating the need to employ a third-party provider to give webinars to your audience.
  • With comprehensive reporting and analytics options, paired with A/B testing, you can continuously optimize all aspects of your marketing.
  • All GetResponse plans include free 24/7 support.
  • GetResponse provides outstanding value for money when all of the features are considered

Activecampaign is a comprehensive set of advanced email and marketing automation solutions designed to help you engage with your customers, build your business, and manage your customer information all in one place. 

The key features include an email marketing platform, CRM, marketing automation, and chat/messaging.

Together, these technologies may help you create relationships with your clients and followers while also growing your business. They also provide a variety of additional valuable tools that you can use to collect data and connect with your audience: let’s have a look at what’s available.

Email Marketing Campaign Building with ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign’s Email marketing tools allow you to send a variety of emails to your contacts, such as:

  • Send out emails in bulk
  • Emails that are triggered
  • Emails with a specific audience
  • Autoresponders for email
  • Email marketing funnels (sales funnel)
  • Emails that are scheduled

It is incredibly simple for anyone to get started with ActiveCampaign, so there is no need to be concerned if you have no past expertise with this sort of software.

You can simply design stunning emails to send to your subscribers by using the email builder’s drag-and-drop interface. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you may use one of the pre-made email templates.

All of the pre-made designs are mobile-friendly, and you can change the fonts, colors, photos, and other components to match your identity.

The segmentation and dynamic content capabilities enable you to send different emails to different consumers within the same campaign based on past actions they took, such as whether or not they made a prior purchase.

You may personalize several aspects of the email, such as the contact’s name, city, location, purchase history, or any other information you may have gathered from your contacts to improve the email.

There are reporting options that allow you to monitor how your email campaigns are working, and with this data, you can use A/B split testing to continuously refine your campaigns and get more opens, clicks, and transactions.

ActiveCampaign effortlessly interacts with the majority of popular applications, allowing you to link your email marketing to your Facebook, WooCommerce, or Zapier accounts, or select from over 250 additional applications to link with.

Automated Marketing

ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation tools save you hours of work each week by automating your whole marketing process.

You may schedule a welcome email series to be delivered as soon as someone joins up for your list, and you can trigger follow-up emails depending on any actions they take (such as completing a purchase).

Because all of your emails may be tailored and targeted, your customers will feel as if they are receiving a customized email service and will be more inclined to read emails from you.

It is simple to create your automation using the drag and drop automation campaign builder, which allows you to visually understand what stages are in your automation and set up an automated visual workflow (automation editor and automation workflow) with only a few clicks.

The segmentation tools help you guarantee that subscribers receive content relevant to them, increasing the likelihood that they will respond favorably to the email.

If you have any questions regarding the automation you are creating, there is a wealth of material available to you, including training guides, videos, and live one-on-one help. You may also make use of the available pre-built processes and utilize them as is or modify them to meet your specific needs

Automated Marketing

ActiveCampaign includes built-in Sales and CRM capabilities that allow you to monitor leads and customers and utilize automation to improve your sales process.

Sales automation may help you sell more with less work by automatically nurturing your leads and identifying any prospects who are ready to buy, allowing your sales staff to spend their time more efficiently.

When a new lead joins your list, an automatic process is launched that sends them a welcome series, alerts your team, and watches their activities so that the appropriate follow-ups may be delivered. Different actions will be triggered based on the customer’s activities, ensuring that no lead is overlooked.

ActiveCampaign’s CRM allows you to manage all of your contacts in one platform, ensuring that you always know where each contact is in relation to the sales funnel and that you have an accurate record of data and critical information in one location.

There is also an app that allows you to manage your contacts, check future meetings, and complete transactions while on the go, ensuring that you always have all the information you need to manage your transactions no matter where you are.


ActiveCampaign’s messaging tools enable you to contact your consumers no matter where they are, making it the ideal choice for sending any time-sensitive messages or offers.

SMS marketing allows you to send text messages to your consumers, allowing you to contact them no matter where they are.
You may send reminders, notifications, and online marketing communications, such as alerting them to a last-minute discount that is about to expire.

You may reach out to your target audience using Facebook advertisements and offer them messages that will encourage them to buy from you based on their prior visits to your website.

You may also use the Site Messages functionality to directly message clients while they are exploring your website.

If you like, you may automate your site messages and even adapt them depending on current segmentation data.

Machine Learning is an abbreviation for Machine Learning.

You can leverage Active Campaign’s machine learning and AI skills to your advantage. Win probability tells you which leads are most likely to convert, allowing your sales staff to allocate their time more effectively.
There is a predictive sending option that sends your automated emails at the precise appropriate moment. It learns when your customers are most likely to open and read their emails, and then ensures that they are always delivered at the customer’s chosen time, increasing your open and click-through rates.

The Drawbacks of Using ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign provides a plethora of capabilities, which may be intimidating for some smaller firms who simply want a basic email marketing platform.

There is also no built-in landing page builder, which would be great, but you can interface with a third-party landing page builder like Leadpages.

The Advantages of Using ActiveCampaign

  • ActiveCampaign is a robust marketing automation solution that includes everything you need to send targeted campaigns to clients and manage your sales process.
  •  Although ActiveCampaign is strong, it is also quite simple to use, so anyone with no prior knowledge may use it.
  • ActiveCampaign offers a high email deliverability rate, so you can be confident that as many emails as possible will reach your clients’ inboxes securely.
  • If you’re switching from another email marketing provider or CRM, ActiveCampaign will transfer all of your contacts and data for free.
  • With Active Campaign’s marketing automation tools, you can automate the bulk of your sales process.
  • The likelihood aspect of machine learning assists your sales staff in determining how to best allocate their time.

1000 consumers at a flowing price If the customer’s price rises, the custom has a personalized and flexible client range.

  1. BASIC-Send emails and build an engaged contact base.
  2. PLUS-Generate leads, sell products, and grow your profits.
  3. PROFESSIONAL-Optimize your results with pro automation and integrations.
  4. MAX-Evolve your marketing with an advanced platform


  • Email marketing
  • Website builder NEW
  • Autoresponders
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Sales funnels (1 funnel)
  • Unlimited lead funnels
  • Facebook & Google Ads
  • Chats NEW(Free through June 2021)


  • Everything in BASIC and more:
  • Automation builder (5 workflows)
  • Webinars (max 100 attendees)
  • Contact scoring & tagging
  • Sales funnels (5 funnels)
  • Work together (3 users)
  • Webinar funnels (5 funnels)


  • Everything in PLUS and more:
  • Unlimited automation builder
  • Web push notifications
  • Paid webinars
  • Webinars (max 300 attendees)
  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Unlimited webinar funnels
  • Work together (5 users)
  • On-demand webinars


  • Everything in PRO and more:
  • Transactional emails (paid add-on)
  • Dedicated support
  • Multiple accounts and users 
    (10 incl., up to 500)
  • Account migration support
  • Team and role management 
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Webinars
    (500 attendees incl., up to 1000)
  • Assisted IP warmup
    (for qualifying accounts)

Active campaign includes a variety of plans for you. b2b, b2c, and ecommerce are business type features: 500 Contacts at a Flowing Price The pricing will vary if you contact Pass the 500.


  • Users 3
  • Inbox preview (Email testing) Optional paid
  • Social data optional paid

  • Send newsletters
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Drag & drop email designer
  • Free email templates
  • Import existing contacts
  • Autoresponders
  • In-depth reporting
  • GEO tracking
  • Unlimited sending [1]


  • Everything in-lite
  • Users 25
  • Inbox preview (Email testing) 5 free / month
  • Social data optional paid
  • Landing pages
  • Automations map
  • Build-in CRM
  • Sales automation
  • Contact & lead scoring
  • Conditional content
  • SMS sending


  • Everything in plus
  • Users 50
  • Inbox preview (Email testing) 5 free / month
  • Social data optional paid
  • Split automation
  • Site messages
  • Attribution
  • Predictive sending
  • Web personalization 5 experience 


  • Everything in professional
  • Users unlimited
  • Inbox preview (Email testing) Unlimited
  • Social data



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